A Fresh Perspective

As a child, I learned to navigate this world watching my father build what would become one of the biggest catering companies in Atlanta and over the last 30 years, I’ve learned a lot and also grown immensely. I understand that when you plan an event, it’s more than just tables and chairs; that choosing to dine out instead of cooking dinner at home should be memorable. I can’t help but be truly passionate about this business and hope it shows through our attention to detail, dedication, flavor and service without equal. As the next 30 years unfold, I hope this space gives you a chance to learn more about where our business has been, but also puts you front and center to the wonderful things that are in store for Safari Hospitality and the amazing people that we encounter throughout our days. There will be posts about our exceptional team, wonderful customers and friends but also what makes our world rich from great music to the stories about the world around us.

I truly believe that the work we do is best described as creating wonderful experiences and I know this blog will reflect that work and all that makes this company great!

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