When the Food Sets the Tone

Atlanta wedding reception planning and wedding catering can be an overwhelming experience but it’s important to read up and have event and catering professionals like us be with you every step of the way when you’re planning your big day. Blushing brides and grooms may have ideas about wedding colors and venues but the experience is made even better with a catering menu to match.  At GE, we’d like to think that the food helps enhance the tone and atmosphere even though the venue is a big part of it. We have two big goals for Glorious Events wedding catering: creating delicious food and beautiful dishes in Atlanta. Food can be treated as a decorative element but it should definitely be delicious!

For a lot of us, eating is an experiences that touches our hearts and senses. Food also evokes certain messages, feelings and memories — the food sets the tone but we’re not always aware of it! What kind of dishes would help set the tone for your ideal wedding reception or event?


Food Sets Tone Filet

Perhaps you’re thinking about having a romantic, vintage inspired wedding. At The Wimbish House, you could have delicate tea sandwiches and scones among vases of beautiful pastel roses that’s reminiscent of an English Afternoon Tea for a luncheon. Thinking about an evening reception here? Imagine a dinner with a delicate, juicy cut of duck or a perfectly pan-seared filet mignon and rich, creamy profiteroles desserts for a French inspired feast. Maybe vintage isn’t your cup of tea and you want a sleek, modern affair.

Food Sets Tone App


Westside Cultural Arts Center is the perfect venue for a modern chic wedding reception. You’re probably thinking “what would the wedding catering be like for something ‘sleek’?” We’re thinking colorful cocktails, trend-forward appetizers, and some fun art-inspired desserts. Mondrian cake anyone? Maybe you’re not arty and you’re a little more…party. Privé Nightclub sets the mood for an amazing bass thumpin’ party with trendy cocktails, and hearty finger foods to keep you dancing all evening. Best of all, you can end the night with a nightcap on the rooftop patio! Want more ideas? Contact Glorious Events about Atlanta catering!