Designer Extraordinaire!

{Palate} catering I design takes pride in providing our clients with a service that goes beyond the food. We bring all of the event design elements to create an enjoyable, seamless production for our clients and on all who attend. We couldn’t provide this service without Event Designer Blake Pippin.

Blake graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in art and design and as well as marketing and management. While working in retail and special events for 10 years, Blake regularly picked up more social events and weddings on the side. Eventually, this lead to event designing full-time with Palate catering | design.

The stress of being an event designer might cause some to choose other career path ways. However, the hustle and bustle is what keeps Blake going. Blake says, “It’s like a puzzle and you have to figure out how to make it work. Everything you planned out might not go the way you want it to, but you have to step back, take a breath, and figure out a solution to solve the puzzle.”

He stays up to date with the event industry by following fashion. “Everything seems to come from fashion and the fashion world – from colors to table linens and colors used,” Blake says. The ever-lasting trend of vintage, chic barn weddings is Blake’s favorite. He loves the idea of giving life to vintage elements and mixing it with something new. This trend fits him because he feels like he’s very eclectic himself.

There are so many design elements that make up the formula of any event and Blake goes beyond to make every event unique and it comes from his motto to live by – “It makes life interesting to be different. Blake goes to the extra mile to every event to show off the client’s style. Consideration of the venue, space, architecture, and what the client envisions goes into the overall look of the event. Blake says, “It’s about bringing their vision to life to create an unforgettable event.” 

Finally, Blake believes an event is successful when he achieves more than a wow factor – it’s seeing the tears of joy in the eyes of a bride when he delivers a bouquet or when she realizes it’s finally her wedding day.

The Palate Design Team uses a think tank approach bringing all departments together to focus on each and every event to guarantee not only an enjoyable, seamless production but an event that leaves lasting impression on all who attend.