Blake Pippin I Design

{Palate} catering I design is now proudly offering creative in-house design services that ensure the successful production and execution of your event.  Blake Pippin, the newest member of the Safari Hospitality family, will help bring your vision to life with his in-house design expertise. In the past, people who wanted to make their event come to life creatively had to be referred to a florist or event design company. Instead of coordinating the pieces with multiple vendors to make an event successful, everything can be done in one place.

A Georgia-native, Blake had a knack for design as a child. “Ever since I was little I would sit, draw, and create ‘art’ instead being like your average kid. I was fascinated with how things were made and would take things apart like clothing to make my patterns,” he says. “I never could get into a play or theatrical show because I would sit and try and figure out how the stage was designed, how the garments were constructed and then I would take that and try to recreate them but recreate it to be better and my own.” Thanks to his curiosity, it was only natural for him to turn his passion, preciseness, and eye for design into a career.

A Blake Pippin design for a luau themed party.

A Blake Pippin design for a luau themed party.

As a creative event expert, he’s inspired by his surroundings. “Many things tend to inspire me whether it’s environmental, fashion, art, architecture, or even just a walk downtown Atlanta,” says Blake. “Everything I see and touch is looked at from an artist point of view. I am constantly looking at how to create new and innovative ideas and creations that are wild, edgy, and breathtaking but still can capture my client’s vision.”


Whether you’re looking for a beautiful daytime fête, a themed celebration, or a sleek and modern city wedding, Blake can help make creative visions and dreams a reality from beginning to end. “To me, it’s so rewarding to finish a project that might have taken a long time to create, and to look at it and think wow I created that and achieved the goal I was aiming for,” he explains. “It’s a feeling of accomplishment.” Blake is passionate about making his clients’ events smooth and successful, and Safari Hospitality is excited to see him share his talent at {palate} catering I design.