Not Your Typical Work Party

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Depending on the organization’s size and culture, work parties can vary from the standard lackluster table of plain sandwiches and house wine to open bar and trays of hors d’oeuvres options. Small companies may not be able to afford a huge spread of libations and bites like many large companies in the U.S. but a well-catered and well-planned gathering can boost company culture and according to some, morale, but did you know that it can also demonstrate company health?

Work parties can be thought of as rewards but it’s also a great way for employees to socialize, meet and build a stronger communication network because they may be able to connect with each other on a more familiar, and personalized level. A good event builds healthy co-worker friendships and trust. In an article by INC., trust is essential for success and survival for businesses. Co-worker friendships on the other hand, helps keeps employees engaged and happy.

So how do you create an exciting and positive work party? By working with planners who understand the important elements of a work party, we can help create the fun and invigorating events that is tailored and fitted to your needs. Here are some work party ideas that may work for you!

  1. Decades themed: Break out the flapper dresses or zoot suits! Or maybe you would prefer 50’s glamour instead?
  2. Black tie : An excuse to dress up! Escargot, caviar, and champagne are definitely optional.Corporate Black Tie Party | Safari Hospitality Atlanta
  3. Spa themed: Imagine ending the day with a massage, delicate appetizers, and refreshing spa-inspired cocktails…Paradise!
  4. Dance party: Everyone loves a good dance party, right? Especially the 80’s!
  5. Mardi Gras: When the winter cold is bringing your office morale down, jazz it up with a cheerful Mardi Gras party!

These are just a few ideas off the top of our heads! Contact us so we can make your next work event memorable.