Since 1987 Safari Hospitality Management has been heavily involved in the following areas:

  • Planning and organizing mega event logistics for catering events up to 20,000+
  • Planning and organizing alcohol service to special events and festivals
  • Securing alcohol special event permits for our company and various consulting clients.
  • Securing tented special events permits.
  • Planning and organizing Bar placement, service staff, and ordering for large and small alcohol events.
  • Offering design recommendations for restaurant and food service flow and productivity.
  • Helping clients with securing Certificate of Occupancy certificates and health permits.

Unsure where to start navigating the City of Atlanta for Alcohol license, Health Permit, or building permits? We have been doing this since 1987.

Need to plan alcohol service for a 100,000+ person, 10 day festival and provide commission to the organizers? We set records with our innovative ideas to maximize revenue for the last City of Atlanta Arts Festival.

Need help planning your food service options to feed 3,000 guests in a park, cooked and prepared foods on site for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner? We did that one years ago.

Need help planning food service at 5 sites during a major Atlanta event such as the 1996 Olympics with restricted day traffic? We generated over $2,000,000 in catering billing over the 9 days of the summer Olympics with an innovative use of efficient delivery system.

Need help setting up and planning mobile food service concessions and beverage service, and portable kitchens for auto racing venues, music festivals, merchandise sales, in parking lots and unimproved spaces, warehouses, and other need-for-permitted venues.

Need someone to handle the concessions for front of house retail sales and also perfect catering for back stage to the demanding concert industry on a budget?

Need help reading or planning blueprints for food service use? Then making recommendations to avoid later pratfalls?

Need recommendations and help planning weddings, social events, fundraisers, alcohol purchases, and affordable venue options? How about planning all of this on a budget?
We can help.

Need help finding talent for an entertainment event? We manage a venue in North Georgia where we need to plan entertainment events, secure artists, and interact with agents and managers every day. We can secure a variety of talent for your convention, sales meeting, Association conference, or any gathering, on or under budget.

Are you in need of an everyday caterer for your office, marketing center, sales center, product demonstration center, associates, employees under contract?

Would you like someone to contact you about developing a cafe or restaurant at your business, or high rise?

Safari Hospitality Management has a wealth of expertise within our management team to handle all of these various initiatives.

Contact us for a free consultation to see if we can help you with your project.